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After being the world's worst blogger, I wanted to write one last quick post! 
Bailey and Bonnie have started to show a little aggression between them, which I call the 'Sister-Sister effect'. They spend all day together, and when one of us walks through the door it suddenly becomes a competition of who missed the humans more. Dogs tongues flying everywhere, crying, cats meowing, the realization that I badly need to cut everyone's nail to prevent someone loosing an eye- these are the things I face when my keys turn that lock. It now seems as though they cannot eat at the same time either. Not sure if they compete to see who can eat the fastest.....but when that happens it's usually followed by who can puke the fastest. Not fun.
Either way, having two dogs is definitely more fun than just one. And having four pets is a little bit border line insane, but hey- no one had a good time doing everything by the book ;) I love having them all with me at home, reminding me to enjoy life a little bit more. Heck- they get me to stop and smell the flowers. Well....not flowers. They get me to stop and wait while they smell another dog's pee while we're on a walk...but you get my point! I wouldn't trade any of them for anything. Rascal, Zoe, Bailey and Bonnie are the bread and butter of my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I'm hoping to eventually get more chances to write on here, but as the past few months have shown it's a wee bit tougher than I thought. With a new incredibly busy job and life throwing crap at me left, right and centre, me and the gang are going to take a hiatus! Thank you for reading and keep writing cause I love to read all those blogs out there!

And if there's one thing you take from this blog, remember to adopt, don't shop :)