I have mixed emotions about fire alarms. I get that they are in place to help save you should an actual fire invade your home. But for some reason, the only 'fire alarms' I've experienced were nothing more than a routine drill.
Our apartment building has a routine fire drill quite often, making it's tenants a little less frantic about there ever being a real fire. Personally, when I hear those bells go off I want to throw my pets in a bag and run for dear life. My fiancé however knows that they are simply drills and reminds me that there's no need for urgency.
A few weeks ago we were on our way out the door when the fire alarm went off. Unlike the beloved drills, this sound wouldn't stop. This constant "BBBBBRRRRRIIIINNNNNNGGGG" was filling every single corner of our apartment. The whole thing went something like this.
Me: "I think that's an actual fire alarm"
Scott: "No. It's just a drill"
Me: "Ya....but people are leaving the building"
Scott: "It's a drill, they do it all the time"
Me: "Fine. But if I hear fire trucks, we are out of here".
Outside world: "FIRE TRUCK SOUNDS!"
Me: "Holy crap! There's a REAL fire!"
When we brought both cats home, I opted to keep a cat carrier near the patio door should we ever need to make a quick get away. As Scott and I start to scramble trying to figure out what to do, I say "The cat carrier! It's by the patio door!". Look me at go, all prepared and such for these events. Sadly, I hadn't thought about the fact that Rascal is the size of a dog, and there was no way we could fit BOTH cats in this tiny wee carrier. Rascal butt actually burst the door open, and both cats made a bee-line for under the bed.
In the past, I've always been worried about my felines' absolute love of treats. I hated that they were so obsessed with it, and would drop whatever they were doing to respond to the sound of a treat sounding bag being opened. So as were freaking out because both cats are MIA, my brains goes "SHABAM!" Treats! Turns out my cats will risk their furry little lives for some Temptations! We coax them out, throw them in the dog crate and leave immediately. The entire thing probably last less than four minutes.

Turns out someone on the fourth floor "forgot" they were cooking something, and the smoke set the fire alarms off. Thankfully, we were on the second floor and had no trouble getting out of the building (if it meant saving my pets, I'd jump off any balcony!). Aside from strongly wanting to kick the "I like to cook and leave it to burn" person in the shins, the whole things ended up being pretty funny.
So, it turns out that dog crates double VERY well as a "don't let your cats burn to a crisp" escape option. Another highlight- people asking us if Rascal was some kind of exotic cat because of his size. Thinking back, I should have said a lion or something!
Bailey, my lovely little poochini is in fact a mix of two different breeds of dog. She's a lab/beagle mix, and depending on the day we see different characteristics coming out. When she runs, she gallops. Almost like a donkey learning to leap off the ground for the first time. When she sees some delicious food, she drools. Badly. Like a baby teething. And when she sleeps on the bed, she takes up as much room as possible. All of this, I believe, is the lab in her shinning through.
But then there's the beagle side. Tis a little bit sneakier, this side of Bailey. Beagles are smart. Not book smart. Nose smart. When a scent crosses her path, her little wet black nose is down on the ground and following a trail. Sometimes I want to put a trench coat, fedora hat on her and magnifying glass in her paw. It's all very detective looking
This weekend we were up at our hunting camp for Easter dinner. Bailey and Scott went up a night earlier than I did, leaving me to drive up the following day (without getting lost, despite the bets I'm sure were taken assuming I would!). When I got up there, Bailey was pleased as pie to show me what she found in the woods. You'd think it was a stick.......but it's not
It's a deer leg. A DEER LEG! It had been left over from the hunt in the fall, and Bailey with her beagle nose went into the woods and found it! She was quite proud of herself for discovering it, and went out of her way to keep it from the other dog up at the camp.
This actually is a stick. Don't worry, we didn't let her eat the deer leg....ewwww...
As I'm sure you can understand we did NOT let her bring the deer leg home. Knowing our luck and her beagle/lab tendencies, that stupid leg would end up under my pillow, and I would be caught in the middle of a scene from a horror/murder mystery movie! I'm surprised I haven't already had nightmares about some three legged deer out there, calling out "Give me my leg back......wooooooo (ghost sounds)"
Whoops! I have been caught up in things and have lost track of time. Here's a quick little catch of what the furry family has been up to in recent weeks.
Bailey got to enjoy some serious dog time with Rizzo and Sophie both last weekend and this weekend.
"Aww....c'mon guys. Let me in...I'll be good, I swear!"
Poor Rizzo. She's literally on the outside looking in!
"But I don't want you to take a picture...."
In case you're wondering, there were ribs and chicken on that BBQ....surprised you can't see the dog drool on the deck!
Naturally Rascal and Zoe were at home getting ready for their close ups......
Check out those whiskers!