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A few months back, I received the most random, but insanely exciting email.

A couple in Baltimore were looking for the sister to their dog, Bailey. Much like our Bailey, theirs is a beagle lab mix, all black with a little bit of white on the chest. When they adopted her, her papers mentioned a sister. I suppose after some discussion, they decided to try and see if the sister was out there. If she was for adoption, they would bring her home and reunite her with their Bailey.

Last fall we had our photo shoot with the lovely and talented Liz Bradley. Our Bailey was featured on her blog with some shots from our day in the park. The couple mentioned above stumbled upon our Bailey’s pictures on Liz’s site and couldn’t believe the resemblance. They emailed Liz, who in turn forwarded me their information.

Now, I have to say that at first I was a little skeptical. The odds that the two Baileys are sisters seem unlikely. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt that maybe, just maybe, it was true. We don’t know where our Bailey is from. We bought her off a couple in Quebec, which makes me think that she is from a puppy mill. That being said, she could be from ANYWHERE.

I was blown away at the description of their Bailey. She sounded like our Bailey’s double!

She usually is pretty quiet, but if she hears strange noises, or there's someone new in our home she barks, and becomes very protective, until she investigates the new person.  She's got a big heart, and is really smart, she sometimes tricks us into playing with her, or taking her on walks, ect..  and when we walk her, her nose is pretty much glued to the ground!’

Now I know what you're all thinking. There are tons of dogs out there who look alike and have similar personalities. And I agree with you, completely. Or I did. Until I saw these pictures.

Here's our Bailey at Christmas.

And here is their Bailey at Christmas
Not convinced yet? Okay. Here's another one of our Bailey
And their Bailey
Still need more?
Here's our Bailey
Baltimore Bailey
They are about the same weight, same height and have the same personality. Their birthdays are  Both Baileys are timid pooches. They also both have an incredibly deep bark for such a little dog. Both are great running partners, have huge amounts of energy and LOVE to chew fuzz off of tennis balls.

The big thing for me is the similarities in their appearance. They both look like mini labs. I have looked ALL over the internet for other lab/beagle mixes that look like Bailey with no luck. Any pictures I found showed dogs that were the size of a lab with beagle years. I had never come across any that were as small as Bailey.

CLEARLY this whole story is dying to be a movie! Can you see it? Two sisters. No wait. Two TWIN dogs, BOTH named Bailey, reunite after being seperated at birth. I bet you Disney would be all over this. I'll contact Jennifer Love Hewitt immediately to play my part ;)
Hailey's Lady
7/1/2012 20:13:19

Wouldn't it be great if genetic testing was easier to do and you could know if they were related?

7/10/2012 10:41:12

That is such a cool story and they look so much alike! I love the Christmas photos...that sells it right there! LOL!


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