Blue Steel - RasZoBai
Yesterday Bonnie and I whizzed down to the always lovely Liz Bradley for Bonnie's official Hopeful Hearts pictures. Here's a peek at what I was sent this morning :)
Here's what I love. Liz is our 'go to' for pet pictures (and also some family shots. More to come about that later). When Bailey first joined us, we had some shots taken of her. Bailey and Bonnie are almost the same dog, just different colour. Take a look at these two pictures. Maybe they're long lost cousins!
Super jealous of these pictures? Well, guess what? You don't need to be! You too can have some amazing pictures of your pets taken by Liz and elizabeth&jane photography :)
Happy Tuesday y'all!
9/25/2012 01:46:48

Amazing photos!! Liz, if you're reading: you make magic :)

Hailey's Lady
9/25/2012 20:09:22

Great pictures by Liz (as always)! Amazing subjects too!

9/28/2012 05:32:10

II saw Bonnie on the Hopeful Hearts Website. She almost looks like there is Jack Russell in her but I think she is larger than one? How old is she,height, weight? Other than the feet issues, does she have any other medical conditions? Thanks.

9/28/2012 06:18:34

Hi Barbara. She does seem to have some JRT in her, however we're still not sure. She is about 30 lbs. and is a medium sized dog. She is currently heart worm positive and is currently in the middle of her treatment. She is waiting for her second round of HW medication in the coming weeks :)


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