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I knew when it came time to adopt a dog that I wanted a lab. And not just any lab, I wanted a black lab. Personally, I always found that black dogs were so striking in appearance, and have the cutest little faces. And so, I was pretty shocked to find out about something called 'Black Dog Syndrome'.

Black dogs in shelters are commonly overlooked because they're not as 'flashy' as the dogs with lighter fur. Over the years, black dogs have been associated with either evil or 'being bad'. They don't photograph as well as others, and are likely to be passed over while possible dog owners are viewing profiles online. And last but not least, black dogs are commonly thought to be only big breeds dogs, which sadly are not adopted as quickly due to their size. In the end, black dogs have a harder time getting adopted, and are often some of the last to leave the shelter.

I've begun to notice the amount of black dogs on rescue websites. Like a crazy person, I spend my morning scanning dog rescue websites looking at the dogs available. I have to say- there are quite a few black dogs. Some have been there for weeks. I really truly hope that their fate isn't being tested because their fur is dark.

Thankfully, the ever insightful Google led me to two great sites that are dedicated to educating people about BBS.
The "Black Dog Rescue Project" has created a site with many resources for people to educate themselves on black dogs. Here is a little taste of their sentiments towards the cause

The black dog is the underdog of all rescue dogs. Maybe they don't photograph as well as lighter colored dogs. Maybe it is because Hollywood teaches us that black always represents the bad guy. Maybe it is because many of the larger breeds that tend to end up in shelters and rescues are predominately black. Whatever the reason, placing a black dog in a local shelter is usually a death sentence.

"Contrary to Ordinary" Black Pearls of the Dog World site includes a saying that I really love

"Making a difference- one black dog at a time through education, awareness and action- Please adopt responsibly based on a personality and lifestyle match"

Really, the above should be applied when looking to adopt a dog. People need to research the breed(s) and make a decision based on the dog's personality rather than the shade of their fur. A dog is a dog- doesn't matter if it's a golden retriever, red heeler or black lab.

Besides, if William and Kate can adopt a black dog maybe you should consider it too. They're royalty, you know...

I'm a black dog, and I approved this message!