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As I've mentioned before, Rascal our cat seems to be more dog than he is a feline.
We've been buying Bailey some bones to munch on. She is notorious for burying them for later consumption, which is fine except for the fact that we live in a condo and there isn't any ground for her burry in. So naturally, she's chosen our bed sheets and pillows to act as a burial site for the treats.
A few nights ago, I crawled into bed, slide my hand under the pillow and pulled out a half-eaten bone. It is VERY funny when Bailey finds out that you've discovered where she hid something. She picks it up and frantically runs around the house trying to find another hiding place. I could never figure out why, as we don't have another dog that would eat the bone. Was I ever wrong! Turns out Rascal has a thing for dog bones, and eats them! And I don't just mean he licks the bone, I mean he chews on them. So that night after I tossed the bone from under my pillow and onto the floor, I was flabbergasted to see my cat pick it up and proceed to eat it. Unbelievable!

I figured no one would believe me, so I made sure to get some photographic evidence!

I also managed to get a quick video of the whole thing. As you can see, Bailey wasn't too impressed with Rascal's choice in food. Don't let the growl fool you, these two are the bestest buds!