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Well! I must say that clearly my Sophie the Australian Cattle dog is NOT living up to her full potential.

Several people have been telling me about this book. It's about an Australian Cattle dog that gets tossed overboard and survives on her own for five months. Oh, and her name is Sophie. That's right, just like my Sophie (or my parents Sophie. You get the idea). Here is a quick summary of the book.
The story that became a global sensation, now sold for film, of Sophie, the amazing Australian cattle dog who fell off a yacht, was feared lost, yet swam six miles through shark-infested waters to a remote Whitsundays island where she survived for five months.

When Jan and Dave Griffith's beloved cattle dog, Sophie, fell overboard from the family yacht during rough weather, she feared the worst. But Sophie, a true Aussie battler, wasn't going to give up that easily. She swam six miles through shark-infested waters to a remote Whitsunday island where she survived for five months before being miraculously reunited with her amazed owners. Sophie, a highly domesticated dog, had been living ferally - and surviving. Yet one glimpse of her owners when they were reunited was enough for the old Sophie to re-emerge.

This is an amazing, inspirational story of survival, loyalty and what binds animals and humans together

What? Cattle dogs named Sophie can do what on their own? Shark infested waters?
You're really going to have to up your game there Spoofy.
C'mon Sophie. Hasn't this inspired you to get up and challenge yourself? Live each day to it's fullest?
Don't you want to tackle each day like you've been thrown overboard and need to survive on your own without people buying you food and yummy rawhide chewies?
Yup. Didn't think so......