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Top Reasons That I Love My Dog
1. She is SO happy when we come home. It's true what they say- dogs are always excited that you're back. Cats? Cats don't care that you're back, they care that you're able to now feed them.
2. When I say "Watch" in our obedience class, she stares at me for minutes, hours even!
3. She barks in the sleep, but barely makes a sound when she's awake
4. Sometimes, when she goes to jump up onto the couch, she farts. Not silent farts- loud ones. Hilarious
5. She can communicate solely by raising her ears up and down.
6. She will grunt incredibly loudly if you make the slightest movement while she's sleeping.
7. She wags her tail with her entire butt.
8. She knows that when Scott puts on his suit that we'll be leaving for the day.
9. From the minute you walk in the door, she doesn't leave your side.
10. She takes over the bed each and every night. Although I complain, I don't really care. I kind of love it.
11. She has loved us since the minute we brought her into our home.