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This weekend is très busy in my world, and so I won't be able to blog about anything pet oriented as I won't get to see them this weekend. Boo!
Our dance school has a very big dance competition this weekend. That, my friends, is where my mind, body and soul will be all weekend long. I figured I'd write a little bit about Highland dancing. I know it has nothing to do with my pets- sorry!
Highland dancers voluntarily wears things like kilts.
Not to be confused with this.
Two TOTALLY seperate forms of dancing. Mine comes from Scotland. The other from Ireland. People seem to ALWAYS get the two confused.
See, highland dancing isn't very well known outside of our tartan community. Unless you're Scottish, been to Scotland or are obsessed with it, chances are you probably don't know what highland dancing is.
It is a difficult sport, that requires a lot of dedication, drive and passion.
Highland dancers are so intense, we make young children dance over swords!
So if you're ever at a Highland Games, take a moment to check out the dancing. I promise it'll be worth your time!
And yes, I plan on bringing Bailey to all the Highland Games this summer. She's even got several tartan bandanas ready to go :)

Have a fabulous weekend!
2/19/2012 08:31:41

Interesting! My background is part Scottish (I'm a Graham) but don't know nearly enough about the culture.


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