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Bailey, my lovely little dog has been slightly driving me crazy. Okay...maybe a little bit more than slightly....ALRIGHT! She's in her terrible twos and is driving me nuts! It seems as though our house breaking conquest has taken five million steps back (and our feet have taken far too many steps into something else).
And so, as we go back to Square One, I thought I'd share some funny photos sent to me this morning.
I guess Bailey's bad habits aren't so least she doesn't poop in the car!
Hailey's Lady
3/7/2012 03:38:48

it is always funnier when it is someone else's dog!

3/7/2012 05:00:44

I totally thought the first picture was Bailey! I'm so happy for you that it isn't!!

3/7/2012 12:38:15

What funny pictures! We found your blog on Pet Blogs United and wanted to come by and say hello!

3/8/2012 06:20:14

Those pictures are awesome :) I especially liked the first one but am glad it wasn't one of my dogs! I also saw your blog on Pet Blogs United!

3/8/2012 10:59:31

I also thought the first picture was Bailey!! Looks like her. Glad its not :)

Bailey & Bar are having an awesome date night!

3/8/2012 18:56:39

Great pictures! The first picture reminds me of our boy, Casper.Just popped by to say "Hello"
Princess Kisses

6/24/2012 10:27:03

Lovely blog, thanks for posting.

8/7/2012 21:57:20

I certainly enjoyed the way you explore your experience and knowledge of the subject! pet photography is also a difficult work because it is difficult to keep a pet in one position and we can take its natural pose which is more better.

9/19/2012 12:22:27

Just taking a quick coffee break and wanted to post a hello

10/1/2015 01:46:49

Wow. Those pictures are very funny. I like them so much. The dogs naughty so much. It makes me smile a lot. Thanks for sharing. Hope you will share more


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