Glacias Update - RasZoBai
Hi Everyone!

Glacias is still missing. Please take a moment to read this information, and pass it along to your friends. To all my fabulous dog blogging buddies- if you could post something to your blog, it would be greatly appreciated. The quicker we spread this information, the faster we can get this pooch home to her family!!

Glacias Update: Have received numerous reports of Glacias sightings on the side of both Merivale and Prince of Wales in between Huntclub and Fallowfield. She was also seen traversing the driveway in between the two roads on Black Rapids farm. However, despite an evening spent calling her and searching the farm and surrounding fields we've still failed to locate our wayward girl. Please, if you or anyone you know drives in this area keep your eyes peeled and call us immediately! 613-552-1873 or 613-355-5764. We are getting closer, but we need more eyes!

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