Please help find Glacias, our 4 year old, female, German Shepherd /Husky/Saluki mix. Glacias is black and tan with distinctive tan eyebrows and markings on her face, chest and legs. She has been spayed, and weighs approximately 60 lbs. She is microchipped and wears a blue collar with a bone shaped tag with her name and our contact info.

Glacias ran away from doggy daycare at 21 Capital Drive in the Merivale/Huntclub area July 18th at 2:30pm.

She is very sweet natured but may be timid and run away if you approach her.

Please contact: 613-552-1873 or 613-355-5764 with any information!

Update on Glacias
7/19/2012 04:07:46

Glacias was seen by a dairy farmer heading down Prince of Wales toward the city last night around 4:30, she may be in the Nepean/Prince of Wales/Meadowlands area as that is where we used to live!


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