Ottawa Canine School - RasZoBai
We have been enjoying our level one obedience classes at the Ottawa Canine School for the past few weeks. It has been great for Bailey to get used to some different smells and get a little more socialized. My partner in crime now has to work on Saturdays, and so I've been bringing the Bailster to the classes on my own. I really look forward to them- it's amazing to see the progress she's made. Makes you feel like it was worth every penny!
I have noticed though that my competitive nature has really come out at the classes. You see, I have this intense desire to be able to do everything the instructor asks in record time. I love demonstrating and always quickly offer up the red leash in my hand. The only problem is my dog is NOT competitive and does not like being the centre of attention at all. It took me about two classes to realize that trying to throw Bailey into the centre was terrifying her! Once I accepted the 'it's not a competition' part, Bailey began to come out of her shell.
Patiently waiting for class to begin
"I think I'll go and say Hi"
The crazy lizzard tongue. I was getting the treats ready for class and she heard the sound of the bag opening!
Both dogs worked so hard that they were given a few minutes at the end of class to burn some energy. I'm fairly certain it was a game of tag!
2/13/2012 13:09:31

Looks great!

Hailey's Lady
2/13/2012 14:00:42

Lee has done all her training at Ottawa Canine School. We have had such good experiences. I felt like you in the competitive at the beginning and now that I know Lee better, I just hope she is not too embarrassing (we had to sit in a penalty box for Nosey Dog for 5 weeks, goodness knows what we will have to do at agility in the coming weeks!)


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