Ottawa- where it can snow, rain and be sunny all in the same week! - RasZoBai
Oh Ottawa. The only place you can find a humidex warning, thunderstorms and a chance of flurries in the same 5 day forecast!
This weekend we couldn't resist the beautiful weather that was Ottawa! We brought the Bailster out on Saturday to enjoy the many many smells that only a beagle mix could appreciate.
This past winter, we discovered Bailey's intense desire to bury things around the apartment (there's still a dog bone under the armchair cushion). She didn't develop this fun new little habit in time for last summer,  so when we got outside and she realized she could bury her face in leaves and grass instead of bedsheets, it was like a light when off in her head.
I think I can fit my nose in here!
I think I can fit my nose AND my paws in here!
ALRIGHT! I'm going in!
I can see it now. When I close my eyes and dream about our future home with the cute little fence, driveway with two cars, beautiful decor.......oh ya....and a backyard that will be demolished by this
Let me know when you get to China ok puppy?

Sunday was equally as beautiful .Thank goodness. Some of us needed the fresh air after St. Patrick's day.....
Who drank all that beer on the balcony? there something you want to tell me?
You're still drunk, aren't you cat?

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend
3/20/2012 03:58:53

Looks like you had a nice outing Bailey :) It's been raining here but my doggies are ready to go out and play too!

Hailey's Lady
3/21/2012 09:47:23

The only draw back to this beautiful weather is that I have had to do the post winter poop pick up in the back yard!

Lee is also a digging machine, our yard is becoming one big hole! Last year she had like 2 big holes, this year she has 6 started already (in like 3 days). It is clearly something we don't understand!


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