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A French bear.
Just kidding!
This post is about Bonnie, and her new forever home. Well, I suppose this home isn't new since she's been living there for the past month. It's our house. And Bonnie is now our French bear.
I had postponed posting on here that we were officially adopting her. I was incredibly happy when the hubby said the words "She can stay" that I think I thought I would jinx anything by announcing to the world that she was going to be with us until the end of her days. This weekend was her maiden voyage up to Scott's hunting camp, where she and Bailey ran around like crazy donkeys all weekend long. Some times I wish I could sit the dogs down and explain certain aspects of life to them. What wouldn't anyone give to be able to calmly have a conversation with their dog about not pooping in the house. I admit, I do worry that pointing at a mound of fresh poop on my carpet and getting upset isn't accomplishing a whole hell of a lot. It would be nice to be able to say "Bailey, when you poo in here it makes everything smell like your poop, and it's really hard to clean up. Please don't do it again", to which she'd reply "I'm so sorry Mom. I will never poo inside again". Perfection!
This weekend though was one of those times I was thankful that I can't simply explain things to the dogs. Over the last month, Bonnie has inherited a home of her own, other furry family members, two people that love her to death and four grandparents that spoil her rotten. She's got a bed with her name of it, countless of things to chew and a bunch of people rooting for her. I'm sure for her, she thought she hit the jackpot. But.......she had NO idea what else was waiting. You see, between Scott and I we've got a cottage on a lake during the summer months, and a hunting camp on a mountain for the remainder of the seasons. These dogs literally have TWO playgrounds to run around and be dogs. My little Bonita probably thought that our backyard was an oasis. Well, let me tell you- this dog had a HUGE doopy dog smile on her face the entire weekend. She woke Scott and I up one morning by licking our faces like mad. I swear, she was saying "OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU".
So instead of sitting her down and explaining that we have a cottage and camp, I got to watch her realize it. I couldn't help but think about how far this dog has come in the past month.

This is Bonnie when we picked her up in Toronto.
And this is the picture that made me fall in love over the internet. This is Bonnie in Cozumel.
And this is my Bonnie now.
I love my pets more than anything. Our family is officially complete, and I couldn't be more content. I had a sneaking suspicion that something was always missing....I guess all we needed was our french bear. I've never been so happy about failing at something. Yes, I am officially a foster failure. And I gotta say, failure has never felt so good.

Welcome to the family my little Bonnie. I promise to take care of you for the rest of your life. You will never ever again experience loneliness, abandonment or sadness. We don't know what the first two years of your life was like, but that's okay. It's the life you have now that matters. Enjoy your world, and know that you will always have two owners that love you more than anything.
your Mum xoxo
10/8/2012 02:01:03


10/9/2012 06:14:36

Congratulations! Bonnie's adorable!!

Hailey and Zaphod's Lady
10/9/2012 09:46:08

So happy for you, it made me teary! She is a very lucky dog!

Can't wait to hear about all her new adventures!


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