Photoshoot with Liz Bradley - RasZoBai
We had some pictures of Rascal, Zoe and Bailey taken back in October. Liz Bradley from elizabeth&jane photography was reccommended to us by Barley and Ali. We were so happy with the results. It's nice having some beautiful pictures of my furry family around the house.
I'd say 'here are a few of my favorites', but the truth is I love them all. Enjoy :)
Hailey's Lady
1/5/2012 01:00:38

So beautiful. I couldn't pick a fav either! Although I do love the one where the cat and dog are playing:)

It is my dream to get Liz to do our pictures. My hubby and I have never had professional pictures done, not even at our wedding (poor students picked eating over photographs, I don't regret that choice). However, every time I see her work, I think someday soon!


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