Rascal Flatts...I mean facts.... - RasZoBai
I was inspired by Bogey's Facts to write some interesting little tid bits about one of our animals. Naturally, I went with the craziest animal in my house..... Rascal.
1. Rascal genuinely understands what people are saying when they speak to him. The tone of his responses are always appropriate to the question he was asked.
2. Not only is he fully aware of his size, but he uses it to his advantage to take over half of the bed every single night.
3. In protest (for a reason we're still not clear on), he knocks down his bowl of food every morning, then knocks down Zoe's. He makes sure we are home when he does this. It's all about getting the desired reaction....
4. He has an ongoing 'dispute' with the cat down the hall (who we like to refer to as Newman). They're both orange. Maybe our hallway is only big enough for one orange cat...
5. He drinks out of the toilet and loves to play in the shower.
6. His recall is better than Bailey's. Rascal can be summoned to any room in the house by simply saying his name.
7. Rascal has the dreamiest face I've ever seen on an animal. He can woo any person at any given moment.
8. He can stand completely straight up for at least a minute with no problems (as long as there's yogurt to entice him).
9. I'm not too positive on this one, but I'm pretty sure when I yell at him, he swears back at me.
10. Every morning when I have my shower, he sits on the toilet and stands guard.
11. Deep down, he loves to cuddle with Zoe and Bailey. He's such a big softy!
Hailey's Lady
1/26/2012 02:38:03

Love it!

Baggy: If he loves you will lick your nose and then bite it as hard as he can!

Nin: Hates a closed door. Will stand and meow outside it until you open it again.

1/26/2012 04:48:34

Rascall Fats?

He looks like a dinosaur when he's doing #7

12. He is the snuggliest squishy pillow-cat ever, and will always spoon with you when you are sad.
13. When he escapes into the hallway he will run away, and when you get close enough he "shamoos" (like the whale)/pancakes on the ground and goes completely limp so you can't pick him up. It's like trying to pick up a bowl of jelly.

1/26/2012 08:06:00

hes so sweet. hes a dog trapped in a cats body!

1/27/2012 03:31:24

If all cats were like this I might like them more!


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