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Bonnie and I have just returned from our first vet trip. We received good news- heard all the things we wanted to hear. She has great teeth, muscle definition and is considered to be at a good weight. She's been spayed and is up to date on all of her shots. All in all, she's healthy, so I'm happy.
Going to the vet I knew that I was going to be given the opportunity to gain some insight into what her life might have been like before us, before the humane society. Within her life time, she's had puppies. I'm torn, because part of me wonders what happened to them, whether any of them survived or made it into a good home. The other half is still beyond happy she's here safe and sound. The bottoms of her feet are the most sensitive area for her. I'm assuming that she spent a good chunk of time on concrete, and because of this has sensitivity in the pads of her feet. We attempted to have her nails cut at the vet with no success. That's okay though- baby steps.
From what I can tell, she's a sweet dog. She was AWESOME on her  leash this morning during our walk. Put Bailey to shame. Naturally, the dog who took part in leash training can't heel properly, yet the unclaimed dog from Mexico is doing it like a pro. 
She is very gentle, in particular when taking a treat from your hand. I've been waiting to see some food aggression  between her and Bailey (even her and the cats) but so far there doesn't seem to be any signs. 
She LOVES to rip around the backyard (which they are doing as I type). She and Bailey seemed to be matched up quite well on energy levels. Bonnie is able to sit, stand up and slightly give a paw. Considering it's only day two of being in Canada, I think that's rather impressive.
She is timid around men, which has made the process of her getting to know Scott a little more difficult. Thankfully, Scott's one of the most patient and understanding people on the face of the earth. Last night, after a few hours of the stealthy sniffing, Bonnie finally fell asleep with her head on Scott's leg. I just love progress!

Just a quick FYI- it's really hard to take a picture of dogs eating. Yes, I get a perfect picture of the floor, their dog bowl, maybe even perhaps a rogue kibble on the ground... But trying to catch a shot of them chomping away is very, very difficult. And kind of blurry.....
Bonnie and Bailey have managed to completely tire each other out, which-not going to lie- I LOVE. 
Bonnie also just learned that she's allowed on the couch. Yes....that's right.....she's allowed on the couch. We live on the edge here at our household :)

Hailey and Zaphod
9/12/2012 13:32:09

So glad she got a clean bill of health.

It took us nearly a year to be able to really cut Lee's nails and she doesn't love it now, but we can do it! There is hope for Bonnie too!

I am so glad they are friends already . . . .so happy for you!


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