The one where the cat and the bunny became friends - RasZoBai
Remember how upset Rascal was? Turns out he's over it. I'm assuming he and the bunny Chase had a heart to heart and talked things out.
Our lives this week are DRASTICALLY better than the ones we were living last week. We found a new apartment that has a backyard for the Bailster! Hopefully by mid June I will be reunited with my furry family.
As I mentioned above, Rascal seems to be perfectly fine with bunking up with Chase.
 Wow Rascal. You look stressed out.
How about you Zoe, are you okay with all of this?
Remind me why I was freaking out again.......
Hailey's lady
5/12/2012 23:17:24

We freak out because we want our pets to have the perfect life and if they seem for one second to be unhappy we want to fix it. Too bad we didn't have creatures in our lives wishing the same!

5/14/2012 11:20:36

Yay! Glad things are working out!


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