Today was an awesome possum day! Me and the Bonster spent out afternoon at the Pet Expo with Kimmy. With Scott and Bailey spending some quality 'father-daughter' time at the hunting camp, Bonnie and I opted to spend the weekend doing the coolest dog things around town. And this meant the Ottawa Pet Expo!

I couldn't believe how many people brought their dogs. You'd also think that there would be a few tussles here and there between dogs, but I didn't see any! It was probably because every animal in there was occupied with the sweet smell of treats at every turn ;)

Kimmy has a fluffy little bunny at home named Chase (as in you have you chase her to catch a glimpse) which brought us over to the local bunny rescue booth. I was a little worried that Bonnie would react to being so close to those rascally rabbits, but she was SUUUUPER good. Anywho, as Kimmy was asking about some adorable bunny toys, Bonnie took a massive dump right in the middle of their space. Like a really bad poop. As in I fed her wet food for lunch. It was pretty embarrassing, considering I don't even have a rabbit and probably shouldn't have even been at their booth. Thankfully they were very understanding and focused on how cute Bonnie is instead. Phew!

So when we brought Bonnie over to Canada with the intention of fostering, I went out and bought her a standard collar. For me, I felt like I couldn't buy her a fancy one knowing that I wouldn't be able to keep her. After a few weeks of her staying with us, I went out and bought this fancy smancy one and hid it in a drawer. I made a deal with myself that if we were able to keep her, I'd put her tag on it and put it on her. When we decided to adopt her, I immediately pulled out that spanking new collar all pumped and found out that it was too big. Great. So this weekend I made my Pet Expo shopping list and off we went to get Bonnie ready for life with us. 

What does this really mean? It means this dog needs a leopard print collar with a blingy red bone tag!

What what???????

And let me tell you- this dog came home with some major loot. Heck- she even came home with a bag of cat food! You hear that Rascal and Zoe? Bonnie DOES care :)

Today was a lot of firsts for my little Bonita. First at a Pet Expo. First weekend of just us. And first time getting a snowflake cookie :)
Oh ya, I forgot. We pet a possum. A FREAKING possum!!!


Hailey and Zaphod's Lady
11/11/2012 08:28:23 pm

Looks like it was fun. Pooping in the middle is the type of thing Hailey would do!

11/15/2012 04:52:09 am

"The possum is out of the cage!"


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