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What a weekend!

For those who don’t know, I moonlight as a Highland Dance teacher/competitor in my spare time (or between when I wake up and go to bed. Sometimes I just HATE wasting 8 hours sleeping). This weekend was a big one for our dance school, as we had two competitions back to back. My dancers had a great weekend overall, and everyone went home with some medals and ribbons. Without going into major detail, the Sunday competition has a dance called ‘The Cake Walk’, which as you may have guessed, as a cake instead of a trophy for the winners. My duet partner and I had won this award several times, and as a way to give back I’ve offered to sponsor the cakes. This year, rather than just sponsoring, I got my ‘cake boss’ on and made them. Here’s a quick shot of one, which I like to call ‘The Tiffany Cake’.

Wait a minute! That’s isn’t about dogs at all!

But while I’m at it, here’s another little tiddly bit that is also not about dogs.

It’s about a lizard.

Kimbo Spikes to be exact.

Scott’s younger brother is out of town, and we are watching his pet lizard for a few days. He doesn’t really do much, which I’ve heard is tres typical with lizards. I’ve attempted to engage in a staring contest, but knew flat out I would not be walking away the winner. This morning I dared Scott to touch it, which was immediately followed by us screaming when he moved. We are so very, very brave. There was also a cute little dog named Halle Berry (yes, that Halle Berry) that needed to be pet-sitted too, but somehow Scott’s parents ended up with the cute dog and I got the lizard. I’m still trying to figure that one out. I did receive some concerned emails from friends asking me if I had decided to get into the lizard fostering world too. I’m happy to report that this event will be a one-time thing. Sorry Kimbo!

8/27/2012 05:01:25

I love that picture! I think I know who is making my next cake...

Hailey and Zaphod's Lady
8/28/2012 20:37:11

I would have screamed too! I don't think I would have agreed to having the lizard in the first place:)

Enjoy your time with the lizard!


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