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I’m beginning to go a little crazy.

For Christmas, my lovely husband bought me this outstandingly amazing camera. With said camera, I was able to take a bagillion pictures of my pets, which by the way is in fact completely necessary. These pictures fueled my need to blog, and therefore gave me photographic evidence to back up my stories.

Somewhere in the move from hell, the charger for my camera ran away. I was surprised, as I thought I had given this charger a good life, with a nice clean outlet to live in. But I must have been mistaken, because it left without warning and has failed to return.

I bet you didn’t know how difficult it is to buy another charger at a store. I sure didn’t! After weeks of searching, and one sadly failed attempt at purchasing ‘the ULTIMATE CHARGER’, I’ve had to order one online. Let’s hope that in 7-12 business days I will be snapping the moments of my pets’ funny little lives! That being said, until such time arrives I am forced to continue using my Blackberry for pictures. This means that I now have to take extra care when I ‘throw’ it into my purse.

This weekend we were going to meet up with our good friend Liz and capture some snazzy pictures of the dogs enjoying some serious cottage time. But as luck would have it, it poured like absolute craziness during our allotted photo time. This seems to be fairly common when we go to book pictures with Liz. Our initial appointments always get rained out. But believe me, it’s worth the wait. Liz’s phenomenal pictures of my pets are all over my house, proudly framed in my stylish yet afford IKEA framing. Although the dogs didn’t get to strut their stuff on the dirt path runway this weekend, I’m sure when we do get together the results will be amazing (and will add the pictures covered my house!).

It actually worked out well that we had to postpone our photo shoot- Sophie, the oldest and in my opinion wisest of the family dogs currently has a skin infection. Australian Cattle dogs are typically on the fluffier side, especially after spending their day swimming and drying in the sun. The infection has caused Spoofia to lose a LOT of her hair. Thankfully, either way she’s still a darling little Aussie! The summer has given her the chance to shed a little holiday weight, and along with the loss of fur, she looks like someone took a regular dog sized head and put it on a puppy. Not to worry though- she’s still fetching sticks in the water like they’re escaped fugitives and she’s the best cop around town. She wasn’t overly fond of the ‘medicated baths’ we had to give her, but hey- you probably wouldn’t have either. I do have to say though, Sophie post towel dry is the cutest little thing!

Bailey spent the better part of 10 days up at the cottage with my parents. Although I was convinced she missed us terribly, it was not the case. At all. She was beyond excited to be up there the entire time just enjoying life. She LOVES being up there- she’s even started the insanely excited dog cry when we turn onto the dirt road. Obviously, she needs a weekend getaway from the tough life she leads in the city. I too, would be exhausted from sleeping on a comfy bed all day. It’s a tough world little dog………

In other news, Rascal has a catnip problem. Intervention is Thursday. I came home the other night to this seen. I’d say he’s hit rock bottom, but let’s be honest. He’s enjoying it way too much.

Rascal. Look at yourself. You're a mess!
This is unreal. Where is Zoe? I don't want her to see you like this.
I expected this from Rascal...but Zoe?

Happy Monday Folks! Hope your week is as awesome as a cat rolling around in a bag of catnip!
8/21/2012 00:21:35

I know ALL TO WELL the loss of a camera charger. I have attempted to source a new one since mine went missing, it's been surprisingly difficult. Someday Loki's life will be captured properly...not on a blackberry... but back on a legit camera. Good with the intervention!

8/21/2012 00:23:01

Holy Type-O Tuesday! Meant to say Good LUCK with the catnip intervention!


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