The Yogurt Monster - RasZoBai
Yes. I said it.

The Yogurt Monster
When Rascal smells yogurt, it's like an entirely different cat takes over his body. His eyes grow in size, his face twitches with excitement. Nothing, and I mean nothing will stand between this feline and his sweet yogurty prize. He will fight anything and anyone who stands between him and that Activia cup. 
I wish I could say the day we realized that Rascal had a yogurt problem. All we know is that our cat is able to stand like a human (or a tiny dinosaur, depending who you ask) for minutes on end, keeping his balance perfectly. 

Is there something your pets do that make you laugh hysterically? Maybe Rascal isn't the only one out there with a yogurt addiction........

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you are staying warm and safe on this cold, freezing rain inspired evening!
1/31/2012 10:04:55

We feed our monsters Activia as well! It's soooo helpful in getting new fosters to eat, because most times they're too scared due to the new environment. None of them have been able to resist the yogurty goodness!

p.s. I say dinosaur.


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