Three little bears and a cat in a tree - RasZoBai
My mother-in-law bought me something for Christmas that I had been secretly wishing for.....a Costco membership! Man- that place is huge. I strongly recommend going with a friend your first time out.
I was more than exciting to break in my new membership, and went to Costco as soon as I could. I thought it would be a good opportunity to pick up some toys for Bailey (like she needs them). Anywho, I found these cute little bears that have rope in them. This way, when the dog tears all the stuffing out (which Bailey would), they would still have something to play with.
Knowing my dog all too well, I decided to document the first few minutes of the bears being within Bailey's reach.
Bailey, meet the three bears. Three bears, meet your worst nightmare.
I like to call this "The Calm Before the Storm"
And she seperates one from the pack....
Literally two minutes later
Poor guy...probably never saw it coming
The remains. I feel like the only thing missing from this picture is some yellow crime scene tape...
Don't be sad. ALL of Bailey's toys look like this. She seems to prefer them with no stuffing, or eyes, or nose or ears. She has a basket of half chewed, completely un-stuffed toys that she loves more than life. That bear even survived a weekend at the camp.
I had to include this because I think it's hilarious. Rascal has this intense need to sleep in what I can only assume are the most uncomfortable places. While Bailey was 'playing' with the bear, I was attempting to take down the Christmas decorations (only took me two hours!!!). Like many out there, I wrestled with trying to get the tree back in the box. In the end, I just left it for Scott to figure out. Rascal however, saw this tree as the absolute BEST place to take a nap. Crazy, crazy cat that Rascal....
1/3/2012 01:19:19

Ahhhh, the same thing happens over at my house! The stuffies all lose their eyes, limbs, mouths.. you name it. I have body parts strewn all over my place.

However -- the monsters received a plethora of new toys for Xmas and not one toy has been damaged. It's a freaking miracle. We expected them to be eaten and torn apart by the next day. Having intact stuffies lying around is almost.. unsettling.

1/3/2012 02:03:44

I thought that maybe, just maybe these bears would survive the wrath of Bailey. Oh well- thank goodness it came in a Costco inspired pack, and had another two bears to be destroyed :)

1/3/2012 02:49:41

The same thing happens in our house. Who knew faces were so offensive and needed to be chewed off???

Because dog toys can be costly (and often only last a few hours), I do most of my "baby" shopping at Value Village. I have also become pretty good at sewing babies back together.

Good luck to the other bears:)

1/3/2012 03:43:11

Kristen- that is an awesome idea! Never thought of that. Would definitely help save some money. Dog toys are expensive lol!

1/3/2012 12:22:28

Yesss, Value Village has been a life saver!

1/3/2012 08:25:57

HAHA. i loooove that Rascal thinks thats comfy tooooo funny. He looks hilarious in there.

We should have gotten a fake tree, we had pine needles strewn allllll over the house ( Which I think also had a lot to do with the fact that we neglected to water it enough... or at all....)

1/4/2012 09:27:35

Oh my goodness I have a lab mix and foster pitbulls, stuffies last around 2 seconds in my house and there is that white stuff all over the floor. The worst is the time they got a hold of a beanie baby there were little white plastic balls everywhere!!!


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