What do you mean I can't eat the Christmas Tree? - RasZoBai
Bailey experienced her first Christmas season with our family this past weekend. Scott brought Bailey with him to his family's place outside of Ottawa, where she was an absolute hit. A few of his family members hadn't met her yet, and were incredibly impressed with how calm and well behaved our pooch was!
I was shocked to see my puppy at the end of the weekend! She looked like she had gained about ten pounds (she is a VERY spoiled granddog). Not to worry though- she's already begun her routine to work off the Holiday pounds (she's not the only one).
Since it was her first Christmas, Bailey felt that it was appropriate to dress up for the occasion.
Of course, by the end of the weekend we had one tired puppy on our hands. Lots of excitement for Bailey :)
12/28/2011 12:55:06

O.M.G!!! Bailey looks SOO freakin' adorable in her santa suit. I can't even tell you how much I want to squeel out loud. I love love love it!

12/28/2011 20:50:17

Welcome to the dog blog world!
Hailey says she feels sorry for Bailey. She wore the hat didn't have to wear a suit!

Looking forward to your adventures!


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