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So I don't know about all of you, but I am not enjoying this winter weather. There's a storm watch on right now for our area, which means that Bailey will do everything in her might to avoid going outside. Poor little thing, she even pees at lightning speed to minimize her time out there (then again, I would too!).
I'm very fortunate to have a family cottage to use during the warmer months. As we brought Bailey home in August, she didn't get to really see what having a cottage is like. I'm hopeful that she will consider trying swimming this summer!
When the winter months show up, I find myself craving the cottage more than ever. There's something about floating on a lake, sangria in hand that makes the world seem absolutely perfect. And to top if all off, this summer I get to really experience my favorite place in the world with my pooch!
Here are a few pictures of my cottage, which is really a piece of paradise. If you're feeling the winter blues, take a look at these pictures. Close your eyes. Can you imagine it? You're on the dock. The sun is beaming down. Do you feel that in your hand? It's a cold beer. Enjoy it! Your worries are far away. . . . .
The view of our lake. This picture was taken after a day of floating around (as you can see by all the flotation devices all over the dock)
Rizzo enjoying the cool breeze
Sophie on her quest. Get that stick!
My family doing yoga at our cousins' weekend. How cool are we??!!?!?
I hope you're are staying dry and warm today :)

How long till summer again?