I hope you all had a chance to get outside and enjoy the fabulous weather that was the long weekend in Ottawa! I may be burnt, and have a sunglasses shaped 'tan' on my face, but I strongly believe I am a much happier person because was able to swim in the lake at my cottage in May.
Bailey sort of swam this weekend. She walked into the water all on her own, and was able to swim back to shore when we brought her out with us. I think that she'll be a water dog by the end of the summer.
I apologize for the low picture quality. The charger for my camera is in my apartment with the mold :( (I had to take these with my phone). Of course a cottage weekend wouldn't be complete with Sophie and Rizzo.
If you're wondering why they look so exhausted in these pictures, it's because it didn't dawn on me to take some pictures until Monday afternoon. This was after  an entire weekend of fetching sticks and frisbees out of the water!

In other news, Rascal and Zoe seem to have finally found some common ground with Chase the rabbit......turns out it doesn't matter whether you're a cat or a bunny. Everybody likes treats!
This looks like a budding friendship to me.......
I imagine the conversation went something like this.
*Sniff* What are you?
*Sniff sniff* I'm a cat man....what the hell are you?
I've always felt that Zoe was part cat and part bunny. Her fur is so soft, and she's almost shaped the same as Chase. This moment confirms my suspicions.
Hope you all had a great weekend, and met somebunny new!
 Haha. Get it? SomeBUNNY new? I kill myself, seriously!
Remember how upset Rascal was? Turns out he's over it. I'm assuming he and the bunny Chase had a heart to heart and talked things out.
Our lives this week are DRASTICALLY better than the ones we were living last week. We found a new apartment that has a backyard for the Bailster! Hopefully by mid June I will be reunited with my furry family.
As I mentioned above, Rascal seems to be perfectly fine with bunking up with Chase.
 Wow Rascal. You look stressed out.
How about you Zoe, are you okay with all of this?
Remind me why I was freaking out again.......
Well. Let me tell you a story.......
Last week our kitchen suffered not one, but TWO floods. After spending the bulk of our Monday with buckets, mops and every towel we own, we called in a plumber. Apparently our pipes had leaked, which caused the water anyone above us used to empty onto our floor. And so, when said plumber was called and came over for a visit we learned that a leaky pipe was the least of our problems. After cutting a hole in the wall (you know. The only red accent wall in the entire place) they discovered that there are vast amounts of mold growing.
On Monday morning we were dealing with a leak, and by Tuesday afternoon we were packing up our clothes to vacate the premises for at least two weeks!
Because of all of this, we had to figure out an immediate game plan for the furry family. Sadly, our cats cannot come with us to my parents house, as their cat is somewhat CRAZY and wouldn't be able to deal with others in his house. Thankfully my bestest friend in the entire world graciously offered up her apartment for the cats.
This is Rascal and Zoe on their way to Auntie Kimmy's. Bailey, Scott and myself are camping out at my parents place. While I know this is temporary, the idea of being seperated from my cats is killing me. Yes, I'm aware this might make me a crazy lady, but I don't care.
Zoe and Bailey are great- barely even notice they're not at their home right now. Rascal however is NOT doing well. Usually he's pretty laid back, social and lovey. I thought that Zoe would have been more upset about the move before Rascal. But he's not eating, drinking or socializing at all. He crept into the farthest point of a closet and wouldn't come out. I arrived at my friends last night to sleep over and try to coax Rascal out of his depression. I managed to get him to come out, but he refuses to eat :( I've put some of my clothes around the apartment for some familiar smells....but I don't think my Scooner is going to last long in such a different environment.

So if anyone out there knows of a short term, pet friendly, furnished rental space....please let me know. I'm on the hunt for a place where WE (and I mean pets) can stay together.

I hate mold........