Bonnie - RasZoBai
This post will be on the shorter side. I'm sitting at my computer, with this adorable little white and orange dog at my feet. We arrived home from Toronto about an hour ago, and have been in love with Bonnie since. Not only are the cats completely okay with our new house guest, but Bailey seems beyond thrilled to have a buddy to chase around the backyard. This little mexi pooch hasn't left my side, and to tell the truth, I'm kind of loving it.
We brought back another pooch named Negrita from Toronto to Ottawa. They were on the same flight from Cozumel, and our contact from Loyal (who is awesome and took Bonnie for the night) asked if we could give Negrita a lift to Ottawa to meet up with her foster. They were so well behaved the entire ride (5 hours!) and barely made a peep. Bonnie, Bailey and Negrita had a few minutes to run like mad around the backyard and engage in a serious tournament of ''bitey face" before Negrita's foster mom picked her up.
Both Bonnie and Negrita will be available for adoption. Please check back for more information regarding temperament, personality and availability!

Up top is Bonnie in her crate when we got into our car. She was riding in the 'trunk' of the jeep, while Negrita (below) was in the back.
After the necessary introductions, Bonnie came into the house and began to explore. I think she's used to having pictures taken, because she was definitely  hamming it up for the camera!
You can't say no to that face!
9/10/2012 05:55:04

My heart is melting. MELTINGGGGG. This is such a wonderful thing. Please do keep us posted on these adorable new four-legged Canadians! I'd really be interested to know the steps you took to bring them home and how you go forward with the foster/adopt process. High Fives!

Hailey and Zaphod
9/10/2012 13:21:52

So thrilled for you! It is amazing that you were able to navigate it all to give this pup an amazing life! Can't wait to get to know her better! YAY!


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