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We have a new house guest! And no, it's not a lizard.

It's SOPHIE!!!!

For those who don't know, Sophie is my parents' dog. She's an Australian cattle dog who is 11 years young. This dog has surpassed MANY health obstacles, including cataracts, skin infections and diabetes. 

Living with a diabetic dog can make things a little more difficult. Not impossible- just a little more difficult. In Sophie's case, she needs to have insulin administered twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. All this really means is that instead of catching an early movie or an early bird dinner, you have to hang home a little longer so she can get her insulin.

She is AWESOME when it comes to giving her shot. I think she understands that getting the shot makes her feel better, because in most cases you just have to physically show her the needle, and she'll come waltzing over. Although, you have to be careful some times with how you say you're going to shoot her. We've gotten some pretty weird looks before. . . . can't say I blame people though. I'd be a little confused if I overheard someone saying "No, it's okay. I'll go home and shoot Sophie. It's my turn".
You'd think that the only downside of Sophie staying with us means rearranging our schedules to accommodate her insulin. But truth is, it's not that big of an adjustment. The only downside of housing the Spoofia for a few days is her chewbaca like howls. And of course, her intense love for barking at 5:00 in the morning, purely because one of the doors to the bathroom was closed. Heaven forbid!

I suppose having some early morning barking is worth it if it means that I get to spend some time with my Sophie Doo. Bailey LOVES having another dog here during the day (I'm pretending that having Sophie here is a warm up for Bailey and Boni, but really I just love having two dogs in the house)

Most fun part of her sleepover so far? When she worked up enough courage to jump on the bed. Okay. . . . . I picked her up. . . .you know- incredibly awkwardly. . . . but still! She made it up! Looked pretty pleased with herself :)
Yay for Canada. And yay for long weekends!
Last weekend was officially the last calm one before our wedding. Naturally, we took every opportunity to be lazy and relax on the dock with a caesar in hand. Best part? Fireworks!
I love me some fireworks!
Anyhow, here's a few shots of the dogs enjoying the summer breeze and refreshing water. Rizzo has been our house guest for the past week while the brother is in London- but more on that later ;)

We hope you guys had a chance to relax on the long weekend. How many more days until the next one?

Sheesh. What a bunch of slackers!
Whoops! I have been caught up in things and have lost track of time. Here's a quick little catch of what the furry family has been up to in recent weeks.
Bailey got to enjoy some serious dog time with Rizzo and Sophie both last weekend and this weekend.
"Aww....c'mon guys. Let me in...I'll be good, I swear!"
Poor Rizzo. She's literally on the outside looking in!
"But I don't want you to take a picture...."
In case you're wondering, there were ribs and chicken on that BBQ....surprised you can't see the dog drool on the deck!
Naturally Rascal and Zoe were at home getting ready for their close ups......
Check out those whiskers!
Well! I must say that clearly my Sophie the Australian Cattle dog is NOT living up to her full potential.

Several people have been telling me about this book. It's about an Australian Cattle dog that gets tossed overboard and survives on her own for five months. Oh, and her name is Sophie. That's right, just like my Sophie (or my parents Sophie. You get the idea). Here is a quick summary of the book.
The story that became a global sensation, now sold for film, of Sophie, the amazing Australian cattle dog who fell off a yacht, was feared lost, yet swam six miles through shark-infested waters to a remote Whitsundays island where she survived for five months.

When Jan and Dave Griffith's beloved cattle dog, Sophie, fell overboard from the family yacht during rough weather, she feared the worst. But Sophie, a true Aussie battler, wasn't going to give up that easily. She swam six miles through shark-infested waters to a remote Whitsunday island where she survived for five months before being miraculously reunited with her amazed owners. Sophie, a highly domesticated dog, had been living ferally - and surviving. Yet one glimpse of her owners when they were reunited was enough for the old Sophie to re-emerge.

This is an amazing, inspirational story of survival, loyalty and what binds animals and humans together

What? Cattle dogs named Sophie can do what on their own? Shark infested waters?
You're really going to have to up your game there Spoofy.
C'mon Sophie. Hasn't this inspired you to get up and challenge yourself? Live each day to it's fullest?
Don't you want to tackle each day like you've been thrown overboard and need to survive on your own without people buying you food and yummy rawhide chewies?
Yup. Didn't think so......
So I don't know about all of you, but I am not enjoying this winter weather. There's a storm watch on right now for our area, which means that Bailey will do everything in her might to avoid going outside. Poor little thing, she even pees at lightning speed to minimize her time out there (then again, I would too!).
I'm very fortunate to have a family cottage to use during the warmer months. As we brought Bailey home in August, she didn't get to really see what having a cottage is like. I'm hopeful that she will consider trying swimming this summer!
When the winter months show up, I find myself craving the cottage more than ever. There's something about floating on a lake, sangria in hand that makes the world seem absolutely perfect. And to top if all off, this summer I get to really experience my favorite place in the world with my pooch!
Here are a few pictures of my cottage, which is really a piece of paradise. If you're feeling the winter blues, take a look at these pictures. Close your eyes. Can you imagine it? You're on the dock. The sun is beaming down. Do you feel that in your hand? It's a cold beer. Enjoy it! Your worries are far away. . . . .
The view of our lake. This picture was taken after a day of floating around (as you can see by all the flotation devices all over the dock)
Rizzo enjoying the cool breeze
Sophie on her quest. Get that stick!
My family doing yoga at our cousins' weekend. How cool are we??!!?!?
I hope you're are staying dry and warm today :)

How long till summer again?