Sleeping Arrangements - RasZoBai
We bought Bailey a nice, big pillow a few weeks ago. Since she travels with us quite frequently, we opted to move her dog bed into the car (it's all about comfort), and so because of this we had to get a replacement for the apartment.
When we first brought Bailey home, it was *decided* that she would sleep in her dog bed on the floor. You know, like this
But let's face it. That beautiful little scene up there was never going to happen. Why? Because my nights usually look a little something like this...
That would be me. Awake. In the middle of the night, on the edge of the bed. It's not uncommon to wake up with a dog paw in my face, or pushing into my back. I know it looks like Bailey doubled in size in this picture. It's because somehow when she's sleeping, she manages to expand her body to the size of a full grown lab. But as if by magic, when I wake up she's back to being Bailey sized.
Now that I think about it, something is missing from the picture above..
Nope still something missing....
Yup! That looks about right! At some point EACH night I'd got all three pets on my side of the bed.
Dogs to the left of me.
Cat to the right.
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.
3/13/2012 09:32:18

AHAHAHA YES. I think every pet parent can sympathize with this.

I don't know why, but generally our dogs tend to sleep on Randie or squished up next to him. They seem to sense that I like my space..

3/15/2012 01:44:36

I have a theory that since I'm smaller than Scott they know they can push me out of the way. It's funny, because by day Bailey is this quite little thing. But by night she's a demanding little bed hog!

Hailey's Lady
3/13/2012 12:39:09


My husband would sympathize with your position in the bed. I like the blame the dog (the cats don't sleep with us anymore), but I think it is as much me as Lee. I would like to say that it was not me who taught the current dog to sleep with us.

Our previous dog Loki, slept up around my head and Gemi was the best she just slept in a ball at the bottom.

3/15/2012 01:46:14

It's funny how quickly they get used to sleeping on a bed. I can't blame them though- a nice big comfy looking bed is a lot more appealing than something lying on the floor LOL

3/15/2012 02:04:58

HA i totally love your drawings. so entertaining.
barley is also like this... he sleeps on top of the blanktes, so he hogs them basically, because if i roll over, the blankets stay with him and i don't get any. it sucks. but i love him too much to say get off!

3/15/2012 05:32:03

My Scout sleeps on my legs. He is a 100 pound Lab and very heavy! I love him though, so he can sleep wherever he wants! Yeah....he's spoiled :)

6/14/2012 18:12:51

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