Bailey, my lovely little poochini is in fact a mix of two different breeds of dog. She's a lab/beagle mix, and depending on the day we see different characteristics coming out. When she runs, she gallops. Almost like a donkey learning to leap off the ground for the first time. When she sees some delicious food, she drools. Badly. Like a baby teething. And when she sleeps on the bed, she takes up as much room as possible. All of this, I believe, is the lab in her shinning through.
But then there's the beagle side. Tis a little bit sneakier, this side of Bailey. Beagles are smart. Not book smart. Nose smart. When a scent crosses her path, her little wet black nose is down on the ground and following a trail. Sometimes I want to put a trench coat, fedora hat on her and magnifying glass in her paw. It's all very detective looking
This weekend we were up at our hunting camp for Easter dinner. Bailey and Scott went up a night earlier than I did, leaving me to drive up the following day (without getting lost, despite the bets I'm sure were taken assuming I would!). When I got up there, Bailey was pleased as pie to show me what she found in the woods. You'd think it was a stick.......but it's not
It's a deer leg. A DEER LEG! It had been left over from the hunt in the fall, and Bailey with her beagle nose went into the woods and found it! She was quite proud of herself for discovering it, and went out of her way to keep it from the other dog up at the camp.
This actually is a stick. Don't worry, we didn't let her eat the deer leg....ewwww...
As I'm sure you can understand we did NOT let her bring the deer leg home. Knowing our luck and her beagle/lab tendencies, that stupid leg would end up under my pillow, and I would be caught in the middle of a scene from a horror/murder mystery movie! I'm surprised I haven't already had nightmares about some three legged deer out there, calling out "Give me my leg back......wooooooo (ghost sounds)"
4/12/2012 03:59:40 am

She must have been sooo proud. I would have loved to see her with that thing hanging out of her mouth!

5/10/2012 01:02:45 am

It was soooooooo gross!!! But she was so proud of herself, so I pretended to be uber happy about it lol.

Hailey's Lady
4/13/2012 04:30:30 am


A friend's jack russell had a similar experience. They went to her dog house and she had the deer head and legs from a neighbour who had gone hunting and left the remains outside. It was gross, but impressive given her little size!

6/25/2012 06:29:18 pm

First time to your blog and just wanted to say hello.


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