I apologize for the language. Life has been nothing but busy busy busy, and from that this blog has suffered. I hope that I have offended anyone (assuming there are still people actually checking in) by being such a poor blogger :(

The past few weeks have all been weird, each in their own way. We've been adjusting to new living conditions, Christmas decor and a massive increase in work for both of us. Within all of this, we've watched Bonnie experience snow for the first time (turns out it gives her a mad case of the zoomies), watched Rascal willingly plonk himself down into a wad of snow and roll around (I told you he was half dog), witnessed Bailey become even more of a social butterfly, and of course tried to keep up with the demands of living with a Zoe.

Somehow we've also come up against situations that involve us fighting for our pets. It's obvious that I will fight till the death for my animals, regardless of the costs. This past week it was brought to my attention that I am allergic to cats and was told to get rid of them. A statement to which I bluntly replied "That's not an option. If you have some alternatives for me, that's great. But let's be clear- getting rid of my cats like that is.not.an.option". We've also come across other obstacles where characteristics that were not true were being attributed to our dogs. If and when a complaint or concern has been expressed about our dogs, I take immediate action. For me, making sure that my pets are not causing a disturbance in ANY way is beyond important. But, sometimes I think people end up taking advantage of this and play up things that are not necessarily true. It's unfortunate and upsetting and at the end of the day I end up being aggrevated that someone would lie about my pets behavior. Although I shouldn't, I take it so very, very personally.

I realized that I am  and probably always will be fighting for them. I fight for their right to live in our home, to be outside, to have a park to run around it. I fight for their personality and work hard to ensure that they are not being painted as terrible animals (something they are absolutely, without a doubt, the farthest thing from). Heck, I'm even fighting my own body to keep the cats with us. It's just how it is.

But still, I wonder. Are we the only ones doing this dance over and over again for our pets? Are other pet owners out there constantly fighting for their decision to have a dog, two dogs, a cat, two cats? It seems as though behind every corner there's someone offering their unsolicitated harsh judgement without a second thought about the reprocussions their statements might have on how things might affect my family and my pets.

Despite my lovely rant above (sorry about that y'all), the holidays are near and that means I get to put a Santa hat on the dogs. Really- how could you be upset with that?

Hailey and Zaphod
12/7/2012 09:54:41 pm

I knew I was very allergic to animals when we got our first cat Baggy. I knew this was a risk I was taking and I take medication daily to help with it. [Over the years I have found that my allergies have gotten better at least with my own animals. I found research that said in some cases exposure can teach your body to cope. So there is hope].

I feel lucky that as of late I haven't had to have a battle for my dogs. Of course when we were house hunting, Hailey was at the forefront of my mind. The decision to add a second dog was easy (because we walked into the right dog).

Our biggest fights happened when trying to keep Loki healthy and alive (and the decisions about what was reasonable medical care), and trying to save Gemi. I think after fights like this, some of the other stuff seems easy!

I am like you, will fight to the death for my pets. Good luck fighting!

12/11/2012 12:53:28 pm

Randie and I are in the process of looking for a new place to live, and as a renter, it's difficult to find a NICE home that allows dogs. The worst part is - landlords in Ontario can't discriminate against pet owners, and yet they do.

So I guess right now we're fighting to find a good place to live while trying to explain to people that our dogs - these furry mutts - are our family. On the plus side, we're in no rush and we have no deadline, so we're lucky.


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