Yoga anyone? - RasZoBai
Caught Bailey trying to do yoga the other day. Running is SUPER important to this pooch, so naturally she makes sure to do some stretching after a long game of fetch :)

Here is what the 'Camel Pose' looks like.
And here's Bailey's version
You'd think I'd at least have a picture of her doing downward dog!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hate Mondays....
1/16/2012 00:53:28

aww!!! my heart just broke! ha ha ha. Maybe I could convince her to come to yoga with me every sunday :)

Hailey's Lady
1/16/2012 04:16:53

Lee does a good final relaxation pose too! She also does a reverse up dog!

1/16/2012 07:09:32

She's a little pro!
Have you ever seen this website?:
I think you and Bailey would do just wonderfully in these classes! (I wish we had them in Ottawa)

1/16/2012 23:07:15

That website is such a good idea. Too bad they aren't in Ottawa. It's a good place to get ideas for doggie/human excercise though. And a totally different mind-set about physical activity. Why do you always have to think about your own fitness and your dog's fitness separately?


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